Violent Video Games Are Dangerous

Violent Video Games Are Dangerous

It is argued that there is too much violence behind video games, but the truth is they can actually improve children’s behavior. It can be argued that the cause of this violence may be from the violence in real life but this doesn’t mean there is no limit to what video games can do for a child.

One thing that has been researched is the effect that children have on the video games they play

and how it affects them in their everyday lives. The amount of violence in a game is nothing compared to how people act in real life.

A study was done and it discovered that children who played violent games exhibited less aggressive behavior than those who played the same games. This is a positive as it shows there is less violence behind video games than what people have thought. The negative is that children who played the violent games had higher levels of aggression.

This means that if you buy a violent game for your child, you shouldn’t buy it for them. They have to have some other type of entertainment that will entertain them to decrease their aggression.

Another reason why video games have such a negative impact on our children is that it teaches them not to take criticism well. They learn that if they don’t like something then they should change something or yell at someone else. This is a huge problem in life and the reason why society is failing miserably.

We need to teach children how to accept criticism and how to listen to others because these are skills they will need when they become adults. The problem with violent video games is that it does nothing but help children become violent instead of less violent.

Children who played violent games didn’t learn anything and they didn’t see any positive results from it. Even though they were playing violent games, there was no real understanding of why children behaved the way they did. It’s hard to tell if it’s a bad influence or if it’s something from their upbringing.

In actuality, video games have helped children cope better with difficult situations in their everyday lives.

The children that played the violent games felt bad for doing things that they didn’t really mean to do so the children couldn’t control what they were doing when they were playing the violent games.

These children learned to accept criticism better from the video games and this is how they dealt with difficult situations in real life. One thing the researchers were able to do was control the speed of the video games so that the violence didn’t really influence the children’s actions.

This means that the children don’t know what they are getting into when they first start playing video games and they have no idea of what they will face. These children didn’t have any idea of what would happen when they started playing and this is why it worked out for them.

The children who played the violent video games didn’t feel bad for their actions and they acted in a normal way.

  • The children who used to play the violent games were more angry and had more violent tendencies as they got older.
  • If you want to encourage your child to be peaceful, you don’t have to give them the violent video games.
  • Just make sure that they have some other types of entertainment that will teach them to do the right thing instead of the wrong one.